Intshebe Digital is a digital communications agency on the East Coast of Africa, specialising in what we call Integrated Digital Campaigns.

The Intshebe IDC incorporates social media, paid advertising, specialised content creation and *insert anything to do with digital here*, which can all tie back to a custom built web site or mobile app. For Example.

We realise every client has their own voice, goals and needs; which is why Intshebe Digital works with the brand from concept, through to activation... and finally, campaign management. Repeat steps 1 to 3.

We present our core services.


The big idea at our office is the Integrated Digital Campaign. We're not 'a web site and hosting company' or 'the-social-media-slash-online-marketing guys'

We do all those things, but we define ourselves by our objectives not the tools we use.
Whether it is creating or growing an existing online brand presence or if you're just looking to market a product or generate leads, you need to know your desired audience and how to talk to them. Once you know how to do that, you have to figure out where to reach them - at this stage, you have 'a plan'.

It takes tools to turn blueprints into buildings.

Our toolbox features, amongst others, social media and digital asset management, content creation and creative copywriting, web development, hosting, mobile apps and consulting. Yip, it's a big one.

The Brand could use one or all of our tools, whatever is needed to achieve the end objective.
All of it is communication. This is what we do, in a nutshell. 


We understand you have your own voice, so when you're too busy running your company to write status updates, a full length article for the blog or a press release, we'll do it for you.


From user engagement, profile management, content creation-sharing and analytics. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram to Snapchat... did someone say Vine? There is space for every brand.


Websites are like hubs to us (long story), flipping important when it comes to connecting everything. We build custom setups on the platform of a popular CMS.


iOS? Android? Hell, a Windows phone? If your brand needs an app, we'll get you there.


Times change. So do definitions.

As high-speed broadband becomes more accessible, the term "content" is not just about the written word... original made-for-the-web video content is now the norm.


We prefer to host the things we build for you on our own dedicated Hetzner server. It makes things easier for us and more cost-effective for you.


We understand our industry. We understand your industry. We understand online, social, digital, whatever you want to call it. Just not I.T. We understand that too, but for the love of all things good.. don't call it I.T.