In 2009/2010 I started a small business focused on digital content creation and the in-bound marketing flow.. This was at a time when the jobs I am applying for now didn't even exist yet, and my biggest obstacle was helping businesses get over their most common fear... "How do we know 'social media' isn't just a fad?".

Since then, I have won tenders, built Durban's soon-to-be official local tourism app, made a truck load of money for our clients and turned a small business into a full turnkey digital agency, with me at the helm. I took responsibility for all work that passed through our agency.

A list of services I offered can be found here.
A list of some of the clients I have worked with can be found here.

With all the experience of running my own agency, I am under no delusion that joining a another team would be a new step on the path to challenging myself, learning and the continual evolution of my skillset.





Concept, logistics, original script, shot list and story boarding are all me. I also oversee and sign off on editing, grading and original music compositions.

My Very First Video (campaign). - TOMS Durban

Return of the Sale – TOMS Durban

#DontBeThatGuy – TOMS Durban

TOMS Durban hold the most anticipated annual music gear sale in the city. It's marked on any serious musician's calendar and this time round they asked us to ramp the excitement up with a series of ads for web and social, highlighting just how limited this once in a year opportunity is. Result? People camping outside the night before with the campaign tag line, #DontBeThatGuy, often referenced as their motivation.

TOMS Durban were a long standing client, and we offered the production of these videos free of charge in an effort (successful) to pivot our other clients over to 'video as content' and recognise it's now ubiquitous place in content strategy.

I leveraged my personal relationships in the comedy industry to get my good pal, Dusty Rich, as the face, foregoing his R20K fee. We were given one hour in their store to film both concepts.

My Most Recent Video - HeyDurban

HeyDurban for Vendors – HeyDurban

The HeyDurban app, developed by us and later sold to the City of Durban, went live in the beginning of 2017. An environment with dedicated dashboards and UX flows for end-users, vendors (local business) and administrators, the app is crammed with innovative features and engagement points.

On the day the app went live, we released this ad aimed at showing the value to vendors, through the eyes of a real, well know, restaurateur in the city.

Without budget for paid, and on a newly created Facebook page, the video gained just under 40 000 impressions across the brand's social content within the first 24 hours thanks to the rate at which it was shared, with 3000 complete-play views. The video itself averaged 12 000 impressions per day across the first three days. This led to 3 newspaper interview requests, 1 regional radio interview request, and 1 national radio interview request.

Some Stats

Some stats from my agency, of which I either created/built or oversaw:

Real World Impact

It's a kind of magic.
One Dream, one sou-
It's content
It's consistency.
It's theories having real world results.


We worked with the author of this funny blog, to leverage the content and turn views into sales.

On content, good advice and timing alone, we saw an undeniable correlation between increased lunch time turnover, and the activity on content that had gone out hours earlier.


The Zoe-Life ICS programme, funded by the UK government, had an urgent requirement to double their intake of South African volunteers ASAP, and increase the quality of applicants.

They were stressed. They called us.

Through targeted Facebook ads pointing to a campaign microsite, we made it happen. They now turn people away.


This commercial assets leasing firm needed to keep sales associates motivated through out the year, in a "earn a trip to Val d'Isere" campaign.

skivaldisere.co.za provided 24/7 web cam access of slopes, lessons in French culture and language, etc.

Internal Only. Driven by Newsletter.


Situated in the farmlands and home to South Africa's most recognisable author, Shalom entrusted us to make sense of what digital assets and community they did have.

We took a large fan base and double it. We halved the amount of content going, but applied consistency and saw impression, reach and engagement figures go through four digit increases.

We saved them money and time by moving there 70 000 strong newsletter completely in-house; from proofing and editing, composing on self-owned email distribution software, and sending through our own server.


Only South Africa's IF brand was still steeped in skeletons, blood and a general love for the Dark One's hue. Internationally the brand had moved on to seasonal stylings... think sparrows, anchors, rope etc.

After acquiring the licence, Apparel24 tasked us with finding it's new consumer base. We did this by reaching out to those humans with content that would appeal.

We stopped pushing the hard sell online.
A large increase in online sales soon followed.

The online store soon became SA's flagship IF store space.


I moved back from Cape Town and couldn't believe how dead Durban's youth scene was. I also needed to show the power of digital content to prospective clients... it was 2009
I started a blog.
It became an authority.

On organic growth and original content only: I hosted rock shows. Out-Of-Town bands would suddenly rock up to get interviewed. Restaurant reviews I'd write would give that business their best week in sales since opening. Consulted on a Red Bull Sound Clash documentary.
A lot of stuff went down. So much happened off the back of just pushing human-friendly content.

There's some hack jokes, typos and a bit of cheese but this is where I cut my chops in content.

Really, this is where Intshebe started.


The Roof Top Night Market held at Musgrave Centre, started in December 2014. We were given a two-week timeline 'till the first market and we created all relevant social profiles and populated them with the right content a la hype.

We also vetted and approved traders to match overall brand experience.

Soon, Roof Top Night Market assets were out performing the parent centre's long-standing digital assets (currently run by the man).

Our work took the monthly event to the pages of many "TOP 10" articles, and provided it's owners with one their fastest break-even ROI points in project history.

Then, it got nominated for an award.

I'ma let you finish, but..


What started out as a small hobby on a Facebook page, exploded. Soon, having peeps reserve items via a FB comment, and then not pay, and then trying to find the other interested buyers who were turned away to tell them that it's now available again, but they need to also do an EFT and...

You can imagine.

We built a beautiful, fully comprehensive online store. Including inventory management, payment processing and most importantly... the ability for woman to find items that go with mauve, at a click of a button.

#TruthBomb: It pains us to say it, but the world of an online store ended up to daunting for our client and she resorted back to her safe place of Facebook status' and comments. It happens.


I know you're busy and I know you could have done anything else but make it this far down the page. I appreciate your time.

If you need to know anything else or if you have any questions at all, please get in touch:

Andre Watermeyer
+27 82 463 3443

Thank You.